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Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker, suite from the ballet, Piano: Mikhail Pletnev

Ballet Class Music - Audio
Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker, suite from the ballet, Piano: Mikhail Pletnev, 1978

1. March
2. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
3. Tarantella
4. Intermezzo
5. Trepak, Russian Dance
6. The Tea Chinese Dance
7. Pas de Deux

Various ballet music

Rarity ballet music - Grand waltz from Suite from ballet Armida's Pavilion, Nikolay Tcherepnin | St.Peterburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor Viktor Fedotov
Waltz from Faust, Charles Gounod
Cinderella's departure for the Ball Waltz - Allegro espressivo | S.Prokofiev: Cinderella
Raymonda, Act 3, Entr'acte - Alexander Glazunov | Conductor: Mravinsky - Leningrad, 21.02.1965
Raymonda - Adagio - Alexander Glazunov | Conductor: Svetlanov - USSR
Le Cygne (The Swan), Saint-Saëns | Sir James Galway, nicknamed the man with golden flute, playing "The Swan"

Ballet Class Music from various pianists

Pirouette from CD "Behind Barres" Vol. 1 Pirouette - Moderate 3/4 (Minkus) | Music for Ballet Class with Judy Rice and Paul Lewis

Alla Reznik, Plié

Ronds de jambe Ballet Class Music: Etudes II by Robert Long

Grands Plies Ballet Class Music: Ballet Etudes by Robert Long

Boris Yakshov, Ballet Class Music

01. Plié
02. Battement tendu
03. Jete
04. Rond De Jambe Par Terre
05. Frappe
06. Adagio
07. Allegro
08. Waltz
09. Grand Jete
10. Variation
11. Pointe
12. Pointe
Music is intended for independent employment to dancers, and also for dancing schools where owing to financial or technical character there is no pianist. The structure, rate and length of exercises are set, checked up and approved by known ballet masters of France, Russia and Hungary. The qualified performance and musical material fit with inquiries of dancers and ballet masters.
Audio: 44,100 Hz, 16 bit, Stereo, 128 Kbps
Full length CDs: Ballet exercise CD 1 and Ballet exercise CD 2

New generation of ballet class music

Music by Boris Yakshov. Music composed and recorded by owner for choreographers

String Quartet "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen illustrated by Vladislav Yerko
"The Snow Queen" based on tale of Hans Christian Andersen
1. Wicked hobgoblin, Scherzo
2. Gerda and Kay, Waltz
3. I don't believe it, Adagio
4. Gerda's Heart, Finale

Hella, Mikhail Bulgakov, "Master and Margarita"
Piece for 3 piano composed, recorded and played by Boris Yakshov.
Hella - the vampire-girl with red hair in Woland's band. The name comes from the Brokgauz-Efron article on magic (charodeistvo), which mentions that it was a name given on the island of Lesbos to girl-vampires who died before their time.

50 pieces from Ballet Class Music

Ballet class music from Aly Tejas (with permission of the owner)

Music for Ballet Class: Margot Kazimirska

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